Tuesday, October 20, 2015


It takes a bit to learn those small tricks for the perfect shot or at least a better shot. With serious blogging now for almost a year, I have learned some tricks and ways to make my pictures look better than they did before, but also having a hubby that stands out with taking pictures of me several times a week is a big plus. It actually doesn't matter what outfit you wear, how perfect your hair is or the makeup you have applied, if the photographer doesn't know the best angles to capture the best of you, your pictures will still not have a good appearance. I actually told my husband once that there is a reason there are photographers getting payed and ordered for special occasions, his answer was that the same applies for models and bloggers. So you could imagine the chit chatting we have while making these different shots :). Well there is a cooperation between the two I would say. So how do I make sure my legs and I look taller in the photo.  

I'm 170 cm, 5.6 Feet, so I'm not short but not very tall either. Apart from wearing heels, having bottoms until the ankle and high waist, the magic of looking taller is how the picture is taken, in order to look taller in a pic the camera will need to be in same height as your neck or bit lower, normally they recommend the camera to be at face length, but doing that, will make you look shorter, also lowering the camera more, will make your face look less attractive.
Another important fact, not even related to any photography, is to wear mid or high waist bottoms as your torso will look shorter while your legs will look longer.

Below are two different shots, the one with the OTK boots is taken lower down than the one with the double denim pic, you can clearly see the difference even though OTK boots normally make you look shorter.



  1. I'm so glad I just stumbled across your blog. You outfit is just gorgeous and your photography is AMAZING!!! I'd love to know what camera you use, as I'm looking for a new one at the moment?

    Beth x

    1. Hi Beth, glad you like my page. I use CANON 5D Mark II. It's an amazing camera with nice features. I will try to post about it later and the functions I use.