Monday, November 5, 2018

Good and bad food for your skin

If you find your skin dry and flaky, no matter if you been eating healthy fat and moisturizing your skin daily, then it's time to change your diet or at least eliminate few things. We always hear about what to eat and drink to help your skin stay youth and healthy, but it's rare we read about what to avoid.

Dry weather, sun and hot showers could cause your skin to be dry but what we eat and drink will also affect your skin negatively even though part of your diet includes fish (omega 3), coconut oil, Avocado, vegetables and fruits that will help moisturizing your skin. It's as important to know what food works against nourishing your skin.

1. Alcohol
It acts as a diuretic, which draws out liquid from the body, less fluid could lead to dehydration, which will dry out your skin as it takes away the moisture.

2. Salty food
Too much salt in your body will use the fluid in your body to neutralize the salt and draw it ou of the body, so make sure to drink extra water when eating salty food.

3. Sugar
Too much sugar in your blood can begin to affect the collagen, weakening and drying out the skin. The collagen will loose its elasticity.

4. Refined Carbs
High-glycemic carbs, such as white rice, bread and pasta will act similar to sugar and dry out your skin, try to replace those with brown rice, wheat bread and wholegrain pasta.

5. Coffee
Coffee like alcohol, can dehydrate your skin by tightening your blood vessels so that less fluid flows through to your skin.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I started my journey of eating healthy since I was about 20 years old as I had psoriasis, I quit any sodas and fried food except for french fries for sure, the only drink I drink is water and green tea. When I became pregnant, my knowledge and will to eat more healthy and to search for what is good for my baby and my body just exploded, I started using only organic products for my skin as whatever you explore your body for, you baby will do as well and not only the food you eat, I changed all my food with organic food and I reduced any red meat and ate mostly vegetarian food. I immediately saw big difference on my skin, health and hair, I couldn't believe that organic and natural products could do a big difference, I don't loose as much hair as before and I don't use lots of lotion for my body as the products and food I use and eat give my skin the moisture it needs. One of my favorite products that I use during winter and sometimes during summer to make sure I'm not exploring my body too much to the sun is ECO TAN from Organic Skin USA. It's all organic and brings that perfect tan for any occasion, I use it to add extra glam for a night out or a that tan look for the holidays or during day in winter.

When using organic products and food, you know that your body is absorbing almost all of it as it's natural to your body and doesn't include any chemicals or other products that will harm you.

The pic below is to show my love for and such an amazing product.


Friday, December 4, 2015


Living in hot and sunny LA, makes it a bit harder to enjoy the different winter collections with chunky knit, faux fur jackets, boots, chunky scarves etc., but it also allow you to wear soft and light jackets like the one here. It's a perfect jacket for daily wear and brings a beautiful color to your outfit, and the crazy about it is that this jacket is less than 30USD, direct link HERE

So how did I get that perfect blur

When creating a blur to your image in Photoshop, you need to make sure you keep the reality of the image and have a more lens blur. Look at what objects are in the same distance as the image you want to make more appearing to not blur those. Use the 'selection' tool you prefer, I find the 'quick selection tool' to be the best to highlight the area.

Below you can see that I left the area close to my feet untouched, as I don't want to blur this area due to it being in the same distance as me.

Once you have selected the area to be blurted, select Filter-> Blur -> Lens Blur. In Lens Blur I only play with the Radius and have it normally between 30 and 45, depending on the image. You don't want to have too much blur and loose the beauty and reality of your pic.
The first pic is selected without the added blur while the other has a blur with radius 36.
Hope this helps.


Saturday, November 28, 2015


I have learned over the years that if something you don't love and need, there is no point to buy it even if it actually is for free. So before any sales, couple days before or a week before, I go hunting online and in store for the pieces that I really like but can't afford or just don't want to pay a lot for or just because the sales are coming, I'm not buying it now. So I have decided to give you the final sales deals below for faux fur and Fur.

The last month I have been spotting boots from Free People but I just didn't want to buy them just because I recently bought Stuart Weitzman boots, so I knew the sales will be here soon and decided to wait, from 606USD, I bought them online for 250USD, which is more than half the price. I will make sure to post them here when they arrive.

Revolve Clothing, with code BLACKFRIDAY20, you will get 20% of additional, below are two direct links to the FUR collection.

ASOS.COM, has 30% of all your order with code BLESSED, below direct link to the FAUX FUR collection.


Revolve closing Fur, HERE

Revolve closing Faux Fur, HERE


Sunday, November 22, 2015


One of the trends that will be massive this winter if it's not already is the over the knee boots, investing in one or more is a must not only for now but for upcoming winters. I love the over the knee boots with dresses, even maxi dresses with a slit is perfect, and why not just jeans with a simple top as the boots themselves will dress you up. But to invest in the right ones is important and the right color. Burgundy and gray are very popular this season and you can of course never go wrong with black. ALDO, Asos and other brands have really pretty ones and for reasonable prices.

Below are some options for both low and high budget. The Stuart Weitzman ones are for half the price and a good deal, I wish I found out about this website before I bought mine (Mine are not there, but there are similar). I'm totally obsessed with the Sergio Rossi below. Should have them in my wish list for Santa ;).



Dolce Vita, 280USD, LINK

Stuart Weitzman, 263USD, LINK


Sergio Rossi, 1460USD, LINK

Sunday, November 1, 2015


There are lots of beauty during winter and the cozy and cold weather; the snow, Christmas, the real feel of a blanket and style with layers and jackets for sure ;), but it also brings the challenge of having a beautiful and smooth skin. I always make sure I'm dehydrated during summer as well as winter, as everything you put into your body always affects your skin and hair, the same is with what you expose your skin for. I always think, if I can eat it, then I should be able to put it on my skin, that's my motto. That brings me to what to use on my skin, I normally use a blend of almond oil (for the E vitamin), coconut butter and olive oil, and I use 4 drops only for the face and very little for the rest of my body. I never waste money on expensive lotions or oils if I'm not sure it's 100% natural and organic.

Many have asked me if I smell those different oils, but if you use a small amount and rub it into your skin, you will not smell the oils at all. I also read about cow Milk being a very good source for more younger and smoother skin, so I make sure to buy organic and natural milk with lowest pasteurization to keep the taste and nutrition in it. With that said, my only face mask is a combination of 1 teaspoon of yogurt and honey,10 drops of lemon (C vitamin) and 2 drops of almond oil (E vitamin). I leave it on my face and neck for about 30 minutes and then wash it of, 1-2 times a week.

Below is a look from earlier this week, wearing a shirt I bought from Revolve Clothing, denim from H&M and Jeffrey Campbell boots.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015


It takes a bit to learn those small tricks for the perfect shot or at least a better shot. With serious blogging now for almost a year, I have learned some tricks and ways to make my pictures look better than they did before, but also having a hubby that stands out with taking pictures of me several times a week is a big plus. It actually doesn't matter what outfit you wear, how perfect your hair is or the makeup you have applied, if the photographer doesn't know the best angles to capture the best of you, your pictures will still not have a good appearance. I actually told my husband once that there is a reason there are photographers getting payed and ordered for special occasions, his answer was that the same applies for models and bloggers. So you could imagine the chit chatting we have while making these different shots :). Well there is a cooperation between the two I would say. So how do I make sure my legs and I look taller in the photo.  

I'm 170 cm, 5.6 Feet, so I'm not short but not very tall either. Apart from wearing heels, having bottoms until the ankle and high waist, the magic of looking taller is how the picture is taken, in order to look taller in a pic the camera will need to be in same height as your neck or bit lower, normally they recommend the camera to be at face length, but doing that, will make you look shorter, also lowering the camera more, will make your face look less attractive.
Another important fact, not even related to any photography, is to wear mid or high waist bottoms as your torso will look shorter while your legs will look longer.

Below are two different shots, the one with the OTK boots is taken lower down than the one with the double denim pic, you can clearly see the difference even though OTK boots normally make you look shorter.