Friday, December 4, 2015


Living in hot and sunny LA, makes it a bit harder to enjoy the different winter collections with chunky knit, faux fur jackets, boots, chunky scarves etc., but it also allow you to wear soft and light jackets like the one here. It's a perfect jacket for daily wear and brings a beautiful color to your outfit, and the crazy about it is that this jacket is less than 30USD, direct link HERE

So how did I get that perfect blur

When creating a blur to your image in Photoshop, you need to make sure you keep the reality of the image and have a more lens blur. Look at what objects are in the same distance as the image you want to make more appearing to not blur those. Use the 'selection' tool you prefer, I find the 'quick selection tool' to be the best to highlight the area.

Below you can see that I left the area close to my feet untouched, as I don't want to blur this area due to it being in the same distance as me.

Once you have selected the area to be blurted, select Filter-> Blur -> Lens Blur. In Lens Blur I only play with the Radius and have it normally between 30 and 45, depending on the image. You don't want to have too much blur and loose the beauty and reality of your pic.
The first pic is selected without the added blur while the other has a blur with radius 36.
Hope this helps.



  1. Great tip ! I adore this jacket, and the whole look of course ;)


  2. I never knew about this, thanks for sharing this tip!