Friday, October 9, 2015


The beauty of fall and winter is not the cold itself but the colors it brings. I love warm colors more than cold, I rarely wear turcos, pink (even though I wear blushed pink), yellow and other cold colors. I love the nude colors and khaki, and with the fall and winter I could just enjoy wearing those. This season I'm totally obsessed with burgundy, khaki and mustard as well as marine. The flatlay below contains those colors and probably my most used garments for this season. So the question is how to get that beautiful flatlay, the steps below will get you if not there, pretty close.

1. Make sure your background (floor) is clear or well defined, I bought a white paper ruler, and yes it is worth it as you will get a clean background, if you prefer floor, that's also fine as long as it has a soft appearance
2. Make sure you have good light, I never use lamps in my pics as it destroy the color of the pieces, I try to take pictures in the daylight.
3. spend time on ironing and/or fold the garment properly (I should have ironed more my pants ;))
4. Find your style, I love having simple and structured flatlays,
5. Place the different pieces in line with each other
6. Take the picture straight up and don't take it in a strange angle (side-wise,leaning angle,etc.)


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