Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Have you ever took that picture and thought, if the light was less/more, the angle was just a bit different and if I just could look more tan or bright, well you could in easy steps in Photoshop do those very simple changes to have your pic from being good to being great or even amazing. I have during my blogging period tried learn how to take that perfect shot and how to make few changes to my pictures to make them more interesting and appearing for my followers. Below is one example of my pics where I easily played with Curves and levels in Photoshop. You have to make sure you don't exceed the darkness of the pic nor the lightning.

In Photoshop, on the bottom right panel, there is a 'globe' picture.
1. Select 'Levels...', move the dark arrow to the right, just where the pic's dark spots are dark enough and where you don't lose the details. The pic below has a value of 34. I left the left arrow as is '255', as my pic is way to light.
2. Now to play with what and how dark/light some of the colors you want to be, select 'Curves...' from the 'globe' on the bottom right. In 'Curves...' anywhere on the line, you can click and adjust the brightness verses the darkness. I pulled it slightly down, closer to the right to make sure I keep the brightness of the pic but make sure the overall silhouette has the right light on it.

Below is before and after, the change isn't huge but the quality is way different. You can better see the color of my Stuart Weizmann boots as well as the beautiful color of my Chloe Faye bag.

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  1. Great suggestions! I also do that and it's so easy and makes such a difference! Thanks for sharing! Xo